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One of our customers is confined to an electric wheel chair. She lives in an isolated area some two miles out of Ashwater and she relies on the Ring & Ride Bus which means that she is able to go shopping once a week.

Sadly, she has ill health which means she is on a definite diet which is quite restricting; in fact her body is shutting down very slowly. She would love to go on more journeys such as day trips, etc., but due to her circumstances this is not possible. Going shopping once a week enables her to study certain foods to make sure that the correct items are purchased for her in order to maintain her health as it is. Socially, she also very much enjoys the chance to communicate with other people and to have a laugh and a chat.

“I can not praise Holsworthy Rural Community Transport enough. The staff in the Holsworthy Office and the drivers are excellent.”


Another customer lives in a small village where there is no public transport and the Ring & Ride service is her only means of travel. She is very unsteady on her feet mainly due to having one leg that is completely numb and this inevitably affects her balance.

She uses Ring & Ride about four times a month, sometimes more.. Without Ring & Ride these things would not be possible and the social aspect of Ring & Ride cannot be emphasised enough. The Ring & Ride outing is the highlight of her week and she says that, once she shuts her door, she sees no-one until her next outing. She would have a very lonely existence if the Ring & Ride service was not available. She is so grateful for the drivers who look after her so well.

“Life would be quite dull and boring without Ring & Ride bus service. It gives me the opportunity to meet friends, have lunch and catch up on things.”

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